WIP: Boba Fett’s (sister?)

I’ve been playing around the the toon shader. And this is the result so far. I think this is a better look for the character.

I created this female version of Boba Fett in Maya, Houdini, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter & Photoshop. I created a custom rig in Houdini with a interface, but had technical problems converting it to Houdini Indie. So I have to start from scratch for that. What isn’t a big deal, be course I’ll do it faster this time. But to get a quicker result, I used Maya’s Human IK rig for a quick pose and simple idle animation. I also tested this in Motion Builder and it worked perfect! That was a big surprise for me.

I see enough things that I need to improve in this model.
– the hoses that are still missing
– the cape sucks
– supportive blend-shapes
– overall lighting & material shading.
– do more tests in Motion Builder, Unreal Engine and Unity 3D
– redo the Houdini rig in Houdini Indie

software used