marvelous designer

Boba Fett I was testing out the new Houdini 18.5 kinefx features. I was very pleased with the options/nodes available. I mixed 3 Mixamo dance animations into this one. I created the model a while ago in Maya, Marveous Designer and Zbrush. The PBR textures were created in Substance Painter. Add this little render was rendered …

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I’m working on a interior/exterior cabin scene in Unreal Engine. This is a little preview of the couch (area). I modeled everything in Maya and did some Marvelous Designer & Zbrush work on the couch. Created all PBR textures in Substance Painter. And brought it all together in Unreal Engine. software used

soccer player

I’ve made this character years ago. I always had to make some decent renders, so I could show it. I would do lots of things different now, but still the outcome is good. This was the first time I played with Marvelous Designer. And what a application is that. Now every time I need some …

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ziggo sports

I worked in Hilversum at NEP Group on various TV shows, like “Wedden dat ik het kan”, “Dance Dance Dance”, “Ziggo Sports”, “De Wereld Draait Door University” and some others. Many of these shows where part CGI. This was done real-time with AR in Unreal Engine. In the example 90% of the set is CGI. …

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