Crowley Tug 2.0

Crowley tug: Ocean Wave https://vimeo.com/692266141 I made this tugboat earlier in my career. But I didn’t like the end result. So I remade it.     This model is for sale on Sketchfab. software used

Procedural terrain

This is in the starting phase, so still WIP! This is a procedural terrain build with real satellite data using MAPBOX in Houdini. The landscape maps, are generated in Houdini to. The road is generated from OSM data and is still customisable. software used

Boba Fett

https://vimeo.com/479266806 I was testing out the new Houdini 18.5 kinefx features. I was very pleased with the options/nodes available. I mixed 3 Mixamo dance animations into this one. I created the model a while ago in Maya, Marveous Designer and Zbrush. The PBR textures were created in Substance Painter. Add this little render was rendered …

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S228 U.S.S. DRUM (1942)

First I modeled a high poly submarine mesh with Autodesk Maya. Then I created a low poly version of it. A cage model, and later a collision model. I decided to make a UDIM texture map. So I uv-unwrapped the model in 6 (4K) UDIM tiles. Brought it all to Substance painter and created the …

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coffee cup

This all started out with a Houdini tutorial on Youtube by Pixeltrain. It is a nice starter tutoral, but I wanted to make it fully procedural. The shape, colour, textures and displacementmaps for the cup and lid are fully procedural. Even the multiple UV sets are created procedural. software used


I wanted  to make different versions of the Feyenoord logo. Here is the first one. software used

Unity / C# / Oculus Rift

This is a example scene I created in Unity. I already had the crane build in Maya. So I only needed to fine tune the UV’s in Houdini and Headus Uvlayout. And created a quick PBR texture-set in Substance Painter. Sadly I didn’t had enough time to make the crane pick up the box. But …

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WIP: drascombe

This is a little side project. My dad has this yacht, so I’m making this for all sorts of tests. Like the ocean wave and wakes test here below. software used


For this project Macero asked me to create a 1,5 to 2 minute animation of 3 difference bio based cleaning products.        tasks: Modeling scenes & props in Maya Creating PBR textures in Substance Painter Creating simulations in Houdini Compositing it all in After Effects Edit in Premiere Pro software used


This started out more of a test. I had to create a lot of WTG’s at Seaway Heavy Lifting and they were always different in size and/or shape. So I created a “procedural modeled” version a  in Houdini. This was a great test and the result was fantastic. This model was a real time saver …

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