personal projects

Crowley Tug 2.0

Crowley tug: Ocean Wave I made this tugboat earlier in my career. But I didn’t like the end result. So I remade it.     This model is for sale on Sketchfab. software used

Coca-Cola vending machine

I wanted to make something easy. And for some reason old vending machines are popular to build. So this is my go on it. I didn’t wanted to make it look to old and rusty like you see a lot. But it shouldn’t be new and clean either. So I dirty it up a bit …

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Python: Rubik’s cube

I’m far from a good coder. But I’m starting to love Python more and more. I made this Rubik’s cube generator with Python in Maya. I had a ton of fun making this. But also, very frustrating. Everything works proper, except if I animated the rotations. If two axis of a cube have keys, the …

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Unreal Engine: HDA #1 I created a electricity poles HDA (version 1) in Houdini. And this is the test in Unreal Engine. software used

Lotus 98T

This is the 1986 Lotus 98T driven by Ayrton Senna. I created this in Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Unreal Engine. software used

Boba Fett I was testing out the new Houdini 18.5 kinefx features. I was very pleased with the options/nodes available. I mixed 3 Mixamo dance animations into this one. I created the model a while ago in Maya, Marveous Designer and Zbrush. The PBR textures were created in Substance Painter. Add this little render was rendered …

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I’m working on a interior/exterior cabin scene in Unreal Engine. This is a little preview of the couch (area). I modeled everything in Maya and did some Marvelous Designer & Zbrush work on the couch. Created all PBR textures in Substance Painter. And brought it all together in Unreal Engine. software used

S228 U.S.S. DRUM (1942)

First I modeled a high poly submarine mesh with Autodesk Maya. Then I created a low poly version of it. A cage model, and later a collision model. I decided to make a UDIM texture map. So I uv-unwrapped the model in 6 (4K) UDIM tiles. Brought it all to Substance painter and created the …

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coffee cup

This all started out with a Houdini tutorial on Youtube by Pixeltrain. It is a nice starter tutoral, but I wanted to make it fully procedural. The shape, colour, textures and displacementmaps for the cup and lid are fully procedural. Even the multiple UV sets are created procedural. software used


I didn’t had much time to create this model. I wanted to have the final version in Unreal Engine. But due lack of time it’s a Skechfab & Redshift render.   software used


I wanted  to make different versions of the Feyenoord logo. Here is the first one. software used

Boba Fett Lego

Yes another Boba Fett. This time it’s a very quick weekend build. Just a little over one day of work. I created this little fellow with Maya, unwrapped it in Headus. I created a high poly version and adjusted the high poly helmet and rangefinder in Zbrush. The textures where painted with Substance Painter & …

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EE-3 Carbine Rifle

I created this blaster in 3DS & Substance Painter. I didn’t use MAX for a long time, so it was very frustrating for me. But I learned some nice MAX features to. My Substance Painters skills are getting better and better by the day. Now I’m not relying on the default alpha’s, masks & materials. …

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energy pistol

I searched the web for a drawing/concept art of a nice pistol or gun that I could recreate in 3D. I found this drawing created by Kris Thaler that I wanted to recreate. It had to be a game ready model with PBR textures. software used

soccer player

I’ve made this character years ago. I always had to make some decent renders, so I could show it. I would do lots of things different now, but still the outcome is good. This was the first time I played with Marvelous Designer. And what a application is that. Now every time I need some …

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Every 3D artist creates a car. I created this Lamborghini in Maya and did a bit of texturing in Photoshop. The rendering was done in Redshift. software used

white shark

I love the Great White Shark as its presence in the ocean. So I created my own. I modeled, unwrapped and animated the shark in Maya. Created the PBR textures in Substance Painter and composed it all together in Nuke software used


I made this little scene in Maya and created the waves using BOSS. It was nice to play with, but the real deal for creating oceans/waves is Houdini. software used

clay statue

When Photogramity was a new thing. I wanted to try it. So I made lot of pictures of a little statue in a museum en got a decent result. I liked it a lot more when I reduced the polygons a lot and made these two versions of it. software used

glass statue

When Photogramity was a new thing. I wanted to try it. So I made lot of pictures of a little statue in a museum en got a decent result. I liked it a lot more when I reduced the polygons a lot and made these two versions of it. software used

f16 falcon

I created this low-poly F16 Falcon in Maya. Later I created in Unreal Engine a controlled version with blueprints.  software used