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I’m working on multiple 3D animation for a client. This is a little sample of one of them. software used

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Boba Fett Lego

Yes another Boba Fett. This time it’s a very quick weekend build. Just a little over one day of work. I created this little fellow

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I made this AEP (People transfer – Enhanced Performance) from just one image. I didn’t had a  CAD model or blueprint, so I had to

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WIP: wolf

I love the Robin Hood (1973) movie into with the wolves. So I recreated one of the wolves in Maya. I made a custom rig

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I build this crane for the “Wedden dat ik het kan” AR set. We original bought the model from Turbosquid. But it was a real

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This was part of the Freek Vonk project. Everything had to be created very fast, so its not the best thing I ever made. software

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WIP: Windmill

This Dutch windmill should be used for a AR project. But the plans changed and there was no need for this windmill. I created this

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WIP: drascombe

This is a little side project. My dad has this yacht, so I’m making this for all sorts of tests. Like the ocean wave and

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TEST: bedroom

I wanted to test my 3D Studio Max skills again. See if I could still find the buttons to create something.  Maya is still my

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3D print skull

I bought a Creality CR-10 a few months back. I really enjoy the quality of the prints. I printed out this skull several times with

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old man

Previously I created a base male head in Maya. I wanted to use ZBrush to make him old. software used

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first walk cycle

Back in school I created this little soldier. I used the toon shader in Maya/Mental-Ray and the animation in Motion Builer. software used

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